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27.04.2017, 19:04
Welcome to our new website.

Exertus community is a semi-open community available for everyone. Anyone can take part in this community. However, there are closed sections of this website only allowed to people actually taking part in any of our guilds, clans or communities within specific games. We want this to be a place for anyone to have fun, compete with each other and to be a part of something!

During the next few months, our community will grow and we will add to our already existing TeamSpeak server - a few games servers on which people can compete for various rewards in the future or just have fun while shooting random things or building stuff from nothing. Anyone can be a part of our community long as You follow Our rules of conduct. They are nothing you have not seen already or anything that is difficult to comprehend.
  • Be nice to one-another.
  • Show mutual respect.
  • Nurture a mature community.
  • No racism or anything else that may insult someone or their belief system.
  • Respect Admins, Moderators, Game Admins and other management.
  • No pornography of any kind. This will earn a swift and permanent dismissal.

Thank You for being part of Exertus Community.


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